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ADELA offers a comprehensive range of Full Body Harnesses to suit a vast range of applications and situations,lightweight design,fully adjustable for ultimate fit, polyester webbing construction for durability and strength for agility and comfort for the wearer in a multitude of applications. Combines all the features and benefits of a harness, with the addition of an easy chest adjustment, centre belt back work positioning attachment point, and a padded.
Persons who work in areas where there is a risk of falling and select fall protection PPE as the control measure, must always correctly wear and use a suitable safety harness.
ADELA safety harnesses are compliant with the CE relevant standard EN361:2002, EN358:2018 & EN813:2008 or EN1497:2007.

H-4501 Lightweight Safety Harness
HS-4501 Full Body Safety Harness
HD-4501 Lightweight Safety Harness
H-5001(Catalogue 2013 V. H-50) Lightweight Safety Harness
H-4502(Catalogue 2013 V. HS-4502) Full Safety Harness
HS-4502(Catalogue 2013 V. HS-4503) Full Safety Harness
HO-4502 Full Safety Harness
HAS-4501(Catalogue 2013 V. HYS-4502) Fall Equipment
HAS-4502(Catalogue 2013 V. HYS-4503) Fall Equipment
HRV-4501(Catalogue 2013 V. HRV-4503) Fall Arrest Safety Harness
HRV-4502 Fall Arrest Safety Harness
HRV-4503 ( 2013 V. HRV-4501) Fall Arrest Safety Harness
HH-45 Full Body Safety Harness
HH-4502(Catalogue 2013 V. HH-452) Safety Belt Full Body
HF-5001(Catalogue 2013 V. H-502F+P) Safety Harness Equipment
HW-4502 Safety Harness Equipment
HW-4503 Safety Harness Equipment
HRW-4501 Harness For Construction Workers
HRW-4502 Harness For Construction Workers
HRW-4503 Harness For Construction Workers
HKW-4501 Working At Heights Harness