Self Retractable Lifelines (SRLS)
RFA-060W 6M Cable safety harness rope vertical lifeline

RFA-060W EN360:2002

Self Retractable Lifelines(SRLS)

RFA-060W Self Retractable Lifelines(SRLS)
▲Item number:RFA-060W
▲Housing Feature Built-in Chrome Treatment Swivel Eye
▲P.P. Housing and Drum are durable and lightweight and resistance to corrosion
▲Polyester webbing width: 35mm
▲Polyester webbing Length:6M
▲Resistance : 15kN
▲Internal braking mechanism to reduce the fall impact less than 6kN and fall impact distance less than 2M
▲Swivel snap hook with fall indicator
▲Max. Weight capacity: 100kgs
▲Standard CE EN360:2002
Other 1
CE0598 EN360:2002

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