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A Full Body Harness is the ideal body wear that should be worn by a worker, since it distributes the force of impact incurred in the event of a fall evenly on the thighs and torso region of the body.
These Harnesses are widely demanded for salient attributes like complete body tightness, easy to wear, extreme flexibility and durability. We do complete quality and performance measure inspection of these harnesses before supplying these to our esteemed clients.
Conforms To : EN 361:2002, EN 358:2018,EN 813:2008 and EN1497:2007.
As per module D certificate all products marked CE 0598 must have a valid E.U. type examination certificate issued under module B.

HS-4501 Full Body Safety Harness
HO-4502 Full Safety Harness
HRV-4502 Fall Arrest Safety Harness
HH-45 Full Body Safety Harness
HW-4503 Safety Harness Equipment
HKW-4501 Working At Heights Harness
HKW-4503 Fall Protection Safety Equipment
HKW-4503Q Fall Protection Safety Equipment
HKW-4505 Industrial Safety Belt
W1-S-H-3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. H-309) W1 Series
W1-E-S-H-3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. EF-31) W1 Series
W1-E-D-H-3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. EF-32) W1 Series
W3-H-3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. W-309) W3 Series
W3-E-S-H-3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. EW-31) W3 Series
W3-E-D-H3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. EW-32) W3 Series
WL15-S-H3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. WL-309) WL15 Series
WL15-E-S-H3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. WFL-31) WL15 Series
WL15-E-D-H3101/AF09 (Catalogue 2013 V. WFL-32)WL15-E-D-H3101/AF09 (2013 V. WFL-32) WL15 Series
H1-S-H3101/AF09(Catalogue 2013 V. F-309) H1 Series
H1-E-S-H3101/AF09(Catalogue 2013 V. HF-31) H1 Series
H1-E-D-H3101/AF09(Catalogue 2013 V. HF-32) H1 Series