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Ratchet Buckle

Ratchet buckles are sturdy and durable, and are typically used in heavy-duty applications like tie-down strap. Their impressive strength ensures that your strap or webbing won't slip while in use and will hold tight no matter what.
ADELA offer a complete line of variety of different ratchet buckles to handle all types of tie down jobs. From heat-treated steel with a zinc plated finish for corrosion protection.
With the Ratchet, you can incrementally tighten down the ratchet strap until you've reached the optimal amount of tension for secured load. Constructed with a round rotating gear, lever, and pawl, ratchet buckles are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently with little effort, tightening down the load easily so that it's ready for transport.

ATD-25 Ratchet Buckle
ATD-35 Ratchet Buckle
ATD-50 Ratchet Buckle