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Tool Lanyard

If you work at height, securing your tools with a tool tether ensures that, if dropped, the tools will not pose a hazard to yourself or anyone down below. This simple safety measure is an easy way to minimize the likelihood of a serious injury.
Tooling web tool lanyard with locking screw gated carabiner for working at height in combination with working at height bags and hand tools.

How to Choose the right Tool Lanyard

When choosing a tool lanyard, it is important that you choose one that supports the weight of your tools, as different tool lanyards support different weights. It is also vitally important to consider the distance you need to be able to reach to complete the job, as well as taking into consideration that the shorter the lanyard, the more practical in the event that it were dropped, and if working in a confined space any excess lanyard could pose a danger in the event of snagging.

TL1-001 Tool Lanyard
TL1-002 Tool Lanyard
TL1-003 Tool Lanyard
TL2-001 Tool Lanyard
TL2-002 Tool Lanyard
TL2-003 Tool Lanyard
TL3-001 Tool Lanyard
TL3-002 Tool Lanyard
TW-001 Tool Lanyard
TS1 Tool Lanyard