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Lineman Safety Belt

Our organization is a noticeable name in the industry, engaged in manufacturing Lineman Safety Belts to our clients all over the world . The entire assortment offered by us can be obtained from us at leading price. Known for their comfort and high efficiency, these safety belts are extensively demanded in different rescue operations and work process. ADELA having the premium quality and good touch of finishing no matter in sewing.
Designed for lineman while working high at pole, tower and building construction, these belts are appreciated for their strength and optimum performance.
Lineman belts are used by workers who need to climb and work on utility poles. They support the workers' lower back while climbing and help keep them correctly positioned so that they can lean back and work with both hands. The belts connect to pole-climbing straps, which tighten around the pole to prevent workers from sliding down the pole if they fall. They also connect to positioning lanyards that keep workers in place while working.

H-27 Lineman Safety Belt
H-37 Lineman Safety Belt
H-117 Lineman Safety Belt
H-227 Lineman Safety Belt
H-667 Lineman Safety Belt
SC-19 Lineman Safety Belt
H-116 Lineman Safety Belt
BH-27 Lineman Safety Belt
BH-667 Lineman Safety Belt