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Rope Grab

A rope grab is deceleration device that is part of a personal fall arrest system. It travels on a lifeline and automatically engages and locks to arrest a fall-body harness and proper anchorage, they can arrest a worker's fall by seizing on the lifeline rope.
ADELA rope grab fall arresters have a wide application of usage in fall arrest while climbing, and in restraint while working on rooftops, platforms and inclined planes. In the event of a fall, they are designed to "grab" on to the anchorage line on which they move, thus arresting the fall immediately.

H-1207 Rope Grab
H-1607 Rope Grab
H-2706 Rope Grab
H-2707 Rope Grab
H-6706 Rope Grab
H-6707 Rope Grab
H-6708A Rope Grab
H-8206 Rope Grab
H-8206A Rope Grab
H-8208 Rope Grab
H-8306 Rope Grab
H-8706 Rope Grab