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ADELA ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. is a well-organized and experienced company specialize in manufacturing Hooks, Forged Hooks, Snap Hook, Aluminum Scaffold Hook. Snap Hooks are one of the important connector for the fall arrest system. We produced quality snap hooks that to help the users secure their safety in a dangerous situation.
Snap Hooks are designed to be user friendly as it is easy to operate with one hand and able to hook loads easily. We offer variety of snap hooks that which is consist of different breaking strength. Besides that, we customizes the hooks depends on the needs at different surface finish to suit the need of our customers.

H-3101 Hook
H-3104 Hook
H-3105 Hook
H-6102 Hook
H-7101 Hook
H-7105 Hook
H-7110 Hook
H-6701 Hook
H-7102 Hook
H-7102C Hook
H-7102D Hook
H-2101 Hook
H-2301 Hook
H-2401 Hook
H-2501 Hook
H-4101 Hook
H-4201B Hook
H-4201A Hook