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SJ Hook

S Hooks are one of the simplest end fittings in the industry. Their S-shaped bodies easily slide into an anchor point, creating a solid connection with very little difficulty. S-Hooks are the most commonly used tie-down hooks, and they are typically paired with ratchet buckles.
A versatile style of tie-down end, S-Hooks easily attach to vehicle bumpers, thin trailer angles, and a wide range of anchors and D-Rings to secure a varying range of cargo.
Accordingly, wire hooks (sometimes called double J hooks) are ideal for anchor points that are otherwise difficult to reach using other types of end fittings. These types of hooks have a narrower frame that allows them to squeeze into the hard-to-reach spots on your flatbed trailer’s side rail. They’re the more flexible option for your tie down jobs since they offer both strength and versatility.

AS-101 SJ Hook
AS-103 SJ Hook
AT-1050 SJ Hook
AT-1085 SJ Hook
AT-1106 SJ Hook