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ADELA carabiners come in different shapes,sizes and locking systems to meet a variety of usage needs. To meet the different hazard situations encountered in the field, we offers a wide range of hooks and connectors having distinguished features. The range is designed for a specific use based on its material, shape, size, gate-opening capacity and locking system. Intensive In-process Quality checks and stringent batch testing of all the connectors ensures that each and every ADELA product conforms to parameters that are marked significantly higher than what is specified in various norms.

AF-09 Carabiner
AF-10 Carabiner
AF-10K Carabiner
AF-11 Carabiner
AF-15 Carabiner
AF-15K Carabiner
AF-16 Carabiner
AF-18B Carabiner
AF-18K Carabiner
AD-09 Carabiner
AF-71 Carabiner
AF-72 Carabiner
AF-73 Carabiner
AF-75 Carabiner
AF-76B Carabiner
AF-77C Carabiner
AF-80B Carabiner
AF-80BP Carabiner
AF-81 Carabiner
AF-81C Carabiner
AF-84 Carabiner