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Webbing Sling

A webbing sling is made of polyester fabric woven into a flat sling that provides adequate tenacity for lifting. These types of slings may be equipped with either end buckles or eyes, to make them compatible with the equipment or cargo. These slings are moderately tolerant to harsh industry conditions, such as high temperature, exposure to acids or UV light.
It combines the advantages of the round sling and strap: a contact area that is gentle on the load, variable working length and thus ideal for use in frequently changing applications.

AUL-25 Webbing Sling
AUL-50 Webbing Sling
AUL-75 Webbing Sling
AUL-100 Webbing Sling
AUL-125 Webbing Sling
AUL-150 Webbing Sling